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MAN TGE chassis cab

The TGE chassis with single cab offers almost limitless options for your daily working life, no matter where this takes place. Each TGE can be converted according to your requirements and so will get to grips with almost any job.

Optimally equipped

With a maximum body length of 5570 mm and a chassis load bearing capacity of up to 1.8 t, the TGE chassis cab is optimally equipped for bodies of all kinds.

Versatile use

2)1) for front-wheel and all-wheel drive ensure that your MAN is versatile. For the rear-wheel drive, there is an additional gear-side PTO1) with even more power, meaning that almost all wishes are fulfilled.

Accessories for any needs

Thanks to the varied accessories that are available ex-works such as canvas and frames2), storage box2), ladder rack2) or even rotating beacons2), you can design your chassis cab according to your specific needs.



A real motivation driver.

The TGE chassis cab is driven by one of our high-performance diesel engines, which has been developed and tested to provide a long service life. Our engines are characterised by robustness, efficiency and low operating costs.

Depending on your needs, you can select the right engine, gearbox and drive type for you. Whether your work takes you around town, along the motorway or across country, with a power output of 75 kW to 130 kW, your TGE will take you safely to your destination.


Ready at all times: thanks to a range of optional additional functions, the MAN TGE chassis cab is extremely body-friendly and offers you intelligent solutions for your daily working life thanks to various accessories.


Numerous innovative technologies support you in your daily working life and keep you safe while on the road. This means that you can devote your full concentration to your job.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Predictive driving.

The standard Emergency Brake Assist3) monitors the traffic ahead and warns the driver if there is insufficient distance to the vehicle ahead by automatically braking the vehicle. This can reduce the severity of accidents and avoid collisions with vehicles ahead. In combination with an automatic gearbox, emergency braking to a standstill4) is even possible.

Active Line Assist

Live life in the fast lane.

Automatically activated from a speed of 65 km/h. If your mind is still at work or already at home, the risk of unintentionally straying from your lane increases. Active Lane Assist2)3) helps you to keep your vehicle on track – by monitoring the situation and actively intervening in the steering process.


We help you to find the right financing concept for you MAN TGE chassis cab. Whether it is financing, leasing, insurance or mobility services – we consider your financial options and offer you solutions tailored to your needs. This means that you improve your competitiveness whilst maintaining liquidity.



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