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MAN TGE panel van

A real freight carrier.


MAN TGE panel van

No matter what you want to transport, the new MAN TGE panel van will get your cargo to the destination safely. There’s space for everything in its up to 18.4 m³ large cargo compartment.

Secure storage space

Up to 14 load-lashing rings and further rails in the base1), on the side walls1) and partition1) as well as under the roof1) ensure that your cargo remains securely in place

Attentive assistants1)

In order to ensure that not only the cargo, but also the driver reaches the destination safe and sound, the MAN TGE offers a variety of optional driver assistance and security systems, such as e.g. side protection-1), parking1) and side wind assistant1).

Mobile workplace

An ergonomic driver's workplace, excellent all-round visibility, versatile storage areas and stowage compartments as well as numerous charging connections make the MAN TGE a mobile workplace.



A real motivation driver.

Rotating 24/7 and always motivated. Our extremely reliable and robust diesel engines are used in the MAN panel van. No matter whether you are in the city, on the motorway or travelling across uneven terrain, our engines will take you where you need to go.

High mileages, low fuel consumption and temperature-resistant parts with long maintenance intervals ensure efficient use and low operating costs. Simply select the engine and gearbox version that best suits you. A range of engines with power output of between 75 kW and 130 kW mean that you have a partner on board who still has plenty of power at the end of the working day.


The MAN TGE is impressive due to its perfect dimensions. As a panel van, it offers two wheelbases and a cargo volume of up to 18.4 m³. Depending on the design, the van length can be selected between 5986 mm and 7391 mm, and the van height is between 2355 mm and a maximum of 2835 mm. Using the optional trailer coupling, it is possible to transport up to 3.5 tonnes. The permitted total weight is up to 5.5 tonnes4).


With its 18 intelligent safety and security systems (some of which are optional1)), your MAN TGE gets you to your destination safely, no matter whether it is in the city or over rough terrain.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Predictive driving.

The standard Emergency Brake Assist2) monitors the traffic ahead and warns the driver if there is insufficient distance to the vehicle ahead by automatically braking the vehicle. This can reduce the severity of accidents and avoid collisions with vehicles ahead. In combination with an automatic gearbox, emergency braking to a standstill3) is even possible.

Active Line Assist

Live life in the fast lane.

Automatically activated from a speed of 65 km/h. If your mind is still at work or already at home, the risk of unintentionally straying from your lane increases. Active Lane Assist1)2) helps you to keep your vehicle on track – by monitoring the situation and actively intervening in the steering process.

Side Wall Protection Assist

Traffic from its best side.

There’s always something in the way: Side Wall Protection Assist1)2) monitors the surroundings with 16 ultrasonic sensors and warns about posts, walls and even pedestrians. If there is anything in the way while you are parking or manoeuvring the system gives a visual and an audible warning.

Trailer Assist

Reversing made easy.

Take the stress out of reversing with a trailer with Trailer Assist1)2). You use the mirror adjustment switch like a joystick to control the trailer’s direction of travel by specifying an articulation angle. Sounds complicated, but it isn’t.

Park Steering Assist

Surrender control for once.

Hands up! This is a parking space! Park Steering Assist1)2) takes over the cumbersome turning of the steering wheel and manoeuvres your MAN TGE into even the smallest suitable space. All you need to do is to accelerate and brake – enabling you to save your energy for the real work.

Manoeuvre Assist

We have eyes in the back of our head.

Leave the competition behind. With the Manoeuvre Assist1)2) you know what’s happening behind you. It assists you when you manoeuvre out of parking spaces and monitors crossing traffic. In critical situations, the Manoeuvre Assist1)2) brakes for you or even supports you with an emergency stop.


At MAN Financial Services, we develop an overall concept tailored to your TGE panel van and your needs. Whether it is financing, leasing, insurance or mobility services, we focus on transparency and top-class customer service and so we offer you planning security for your projects – from the use of your panel van as a delivery truck through to implementing your unique business idea.



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